• Child-Centered Play Therapy
  • Individual, Couples, Family or Group consultation
  • Referral as Primary or Adjunctive Therapist
    Assessments, treatment plans, progress reports
  • Professional Supervision for Therapists
  • Staff Development
    Communication & team building
    Stress management & Self-care
  • Retreats and Workshops
    Creative expression groups
    Women's Groups
    Groups designed to specific needs
  • Carers WA
    Wheatbelt and Hills area Registered Counsellor for Carers WA


During group sessions I may suggest a theme, or themes may arise during group discussion. Mostly, you are encouraged to create an image without influence from me. We then reflect on the work created and explore feelings and thoughts that may be associated with it. We may also explore some possible solutions, interventions or strategies. Working with others can help to feel less alone.




Groups are designed to suit specific needs such as:

  • Groups for youth at risk
  • Self-esteem and personal development
  • Grief and bereavement groups
  • Creative expression groups
  • Recovery groups
  • Social interaction groups
  • Parenting groups
  • Women’s group
  • Or a group might be set up as a mixed group .