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Transcend the barrier of your inability to express yourself verbally.

Chooseour art therapy and counselling services to get your feelings, thoughts, experiences, traumas and issues across. Let the creative healing process begin!

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Therapy Via Visual Mediums & Creations

Established by Dr Despina Weston, Inner Visions Outer Expressions is one of the reputed art therapy and counselling centres in Perth, WA. We offer a variety of services to treat behavioural problems, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other issuesstemming from emotional and mental illnesses.

Inclusive Therapy

Support is available for individuals, couples, groups, families, colleagues etc. Anyone can get counselling and therapy at our centre.

Offline/Online Counselling

Whether you are at easegetting therapy face-to-face or want it in the comfort of your home, we can do it like you need.Dr Despina specialises in providing offline and online counselling both.

How It Works

Therapy is a gradually process and at our centre, we help you express and address your issues through art and counselling.



Dr Despina starts the process by understanding the problems and challenges faced by you.



Based upon the assessment after one or more sessions, she devices atherapy action plan.



As a compassionate art therapist in Perth, WA, Dr Despina takes an active part in your sessions.



While you get art therapy and counselling here, your progress and mental well-being is closely monitored.

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Free Session

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At our art therapy and counselling centre in Perth, WA, Dr Despina offers a 20-minute free onlinesession to clients anywhere in the country.Our free online counselling is one of the best ways for you to understand what we do and how we can help you overcome challenges, discuss your feelings or simply have a heart-to-heart. You can ask questions to understand what art therapy is, types of therapies we offer, benefits of our services and much more.

Dr Despina Weston is a licenced art psychotherapist and counsellor who specialises in areas such as grief, loss, family discord, couples therapy and relationships. She is also an educator and teaches her therapeutic methods to students in renowned institutes in Perth, WA. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us now to avail your free counselling session.

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Our Best Services

Since Dr Weston is a qualified and experiencedart psychotherapist, under her guidance, our centre provides the following best services to clients across Perth, WA.

Greif or Loss Counselling

Depression, anxiety, social withdrawal and other issues stem from grief or loss of a near and dear one. If you suffered extreme emotional distress recently or years back, seek our help anytime!

Individual Therapy

Among our most popular services, individual art therapy and counselling is at the top. We help working professionals, homemakers, students, elderly, or anyone seeking counselling privately.

Couples Counselling

Art can help couples connect on a level that they cannot in their daily lives. Art therapy has proven to increase endorphins and help couples interact and resolve their issues mutually.

Child-Centred Play Therapy

Children are unable to express their emotions verbally which is why art therapy is an excellent way to get them to open up and treat their issues or address their feelings.

Group Art Therapy

Some people respond better to therapy when they share their experiences and know there are others and they are not alone. So, enrol for our group art therapy services toshare and heal.

Relationship Counselling

Relationships are fundamental for our well-being and tensions, grief, loss, trauma and other factors can impair them. Thus, we offer relationship counselling in Perth, WA every age group.

Why Get Therapy?

Benefits of Art Therapy and Counselling

One of the biggest reasons why art therapy and counselling has become popular is because it is suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life. It provides positive results in children and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, substance dependency, ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, relationship issues, marital discord, cognitive impairments and various other issues.

Helps with emotional and mental illnesses
Improves cognition, hand eye coordination, reading performance .
Helps survivors or sexual abuse, child abuse and other form of trauma
Known to reduce stress, apprehension, sense of loss, and more.
Helps people deal with issues stemming from physical ailments such
as cancer, surgery, disability, autoimmune disorders etc.

Testimonials From Clients

Over the years, many people have found solace and quality treatment at our art therapy and counselling centre in Perth, WA.

Dr Despina Weston is a wonderful therapist who has helped me overcome my post-partum depression and allowed me to feel like real me again.

Lisa Cho

My friends recommended I get art therapy for reducing my stress and anxiety. Thus, I booked and appointment and never looked back.

Chirag Sharma

My 12 years old has been to several art therapy sessions with Dr Weston after the loss of my husband. She has helped Billy tremendously and aided in his emotional recovery.

Jules Jacob

My wife and I have been visiting the Inner Visions Outer Expressions centre for relationship counselling and it has helped us get over several issues and regain our spark!

Kyle Peters

Latest Workshops

Besides therapy sessions, our team conducts various art workshops for clients and guests.

Introduction to Abstract Painting
Creative Learning Class (3-10 years)
Cathartic Painting Sessions

Our Wonderful Team

The Inner Visions Outer Expressions is among the best art therapy and counselling centre in Perth, WA because of our team.

Dr Despina Weston

Founder/Owner/Practice Manager

Dr Margaret Lee

Child Art Therapist

Anton Gucci


Raymond James


Desmond Shell

Centre Manager

Things To Expect

Planning to come and have an art therapy and counselling session at Inner Visions Outer Expressions, here are the three things most people look forward to!


Guided Painting/Drawing

To get art therapy you don’t need to be good at painting, drawing or other art work. We provide assistance while you draw or paint to make the process relaxing and therapeutic.


Working The Clay

Children and adults both like to get their hands dirty and mould clay. We use 100% organic clay for sculpting, kneading, touching and playing at our centre. Thus, it is safe for everyone.


Multiple Workshops

We invite artists, art teachers and art therapists to conduct a variety of workshops not just for our clients but guests, family members of clients and anyone interested in making art for therapy.