Let The Healing Begin

Art Therapy is among the most successful forms of counselling proven to help with issues stemming from emotional distress and mental illnesses. Inner Visions Outer Expressions is a reputed art therapy and counselling centre offering a plethora of professional services. Over the decades we have provided assistance to individuals, couples, families and groups seeking a safe and compassionate environment for sharing their feelings, expressing their issues and finding solace.

Everyone deserves to be happy, but children, teensor adults suffering loss, grief, stress, anxiety, mental illness, addiction, PTSD, abuse, and other issues often find it hard to cope and live a normal life. At our facility we offer personalised solutions to help them get the right treatment. Since many find it difficult to open up via traditional counselling methods, art therapy helps them because they can express non-verbally.

When Should You Seek Our Services?

Most people think you only get therapy when you have a mental illness. However, getting counselling and therapy from a qualified psychotherapist is beneficial for everyone! Whether you have stress, anxiety, concentration problems, an addictionor emotional distress due to grief or loss, you should book an appointment for art therapy and counselling.

  • You can express yourself non-verbally
  • Art therapy is more creative and explorative than traditional methods
  • It helps you cope and focus at the same time
  • Suitable for children and adults alike
  • Best option for people needingcouple or group counselling
  • Unlocks potential, paves way for unfiltered emotional expansion and improves your mood.

Art therapy is a holistic way to manage your emotional and mental state. It helps us be happier and better humans since you can express yourself freely and without judgement.

Dr Despina Weston

Overcome & Persevere

At our centre we focus on helping our clients overcome their challenges by providing personalised services and customised solutions. Youcan rely on us toprovide intervention through therapeutic methods such as sculpting, painting, doodling, guided drawing and much more. With our help you can conquer your issues and persevere in life.