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Inner visions Outer Expressions is one of the leading centres offering a safe and positive environment to people seeking help to overcome grief, loss, addiction, relationship problems, marital issuesor any other issues stemming from emotional and mental illness. Our centre is reckoned for creative healing via art therapy and counselling by qualified and certifies psychotherapists.Whether you are looking for individual therapy, group therapy, couple therapy, relationship therapy or any other form of counselling, we are here to help! So, book an appointment now and get a free 20 minute session with Dr Despina Weston!

After being a licenced art psychotherapist for 10 years, I decided toopen a wellness centre in Perth, WA to raise awareness regarding art therapy and help people suffering stress, anxiety, loss of a loved one, depressions or any other issue. Thus, 20 years later, we have Inner visions Outer Expressions where you can get the best art therapy and counselling services in Perth, WA to live a happy and falling life!

Why Choose Art Therapy?

It is a frequently asked question. Besides being suitable for people of all ages, art therapy is good for the following reasons.

Non-Verbal Expression

People that struggle with telling their experienced, issues or trauma verbally; easily express themselves via art therapy.

Exploration & Creativity

At the core, art therapy is based on self-exploration and healing throughcreative mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, doodling and more.


To get art therapy you don’t need to be an artist. You can make anything you like and get a sense of accomplishment. The artwork you create during sessions is always powerful and meaningful.

Gain Focus

Often children and adults alike witness better cognition, physical coordination, improved motor skills and good concentration. It is because making art exercises your brain

The Process

Understand How The Process Of Healing Works

To get the best results, it is crucial that Dr Weston and other therapists follow the right procedure. If you plan to get therapy, here is what to expect.

A Small Introductory Session

You can get a 20 minutes free session to break the ice and have a chat with the therapist to get an initial assessment. You can also ask questions and queries you have.

Book A Therapy Session

After the initial introduction, the medical professional suggests you to book a proper 45-60 minute session. You can choose to get individual, couple, group, or other type of therapy.

Get To Work

After a through session, the therapist would come up with a detailed plan of action and suggest what you should do. It includes painting, guided drawing, clay sculpting, and other types of art therapies.

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We take our client feedback extremely seriously. Here are some things our clients have said about our services.

Diane Silvio
Art Therapy Client

I have attended regular art therapy sessions with Dr Despina over the past year and each one has helped with my anxiety and panic attacks. Thanks to her I was able to get back to work and lead a normal life.

Linda Smith
Couple Therapy Client

After the untimely death of our daughter, my husband and I needed couples therapy to get deal with the crushing grief and loss. At the centre we got excellent support and real compassion.

Cory Hemsworth
Group TherapyClient

I have struggled with depression since my teenage years. Then, I joined the group art therapy. I helped that I wasn’t alone and I could connect with others suffering the same issues as me.

Carlos Nuntuki
Art Therapy Client

I started art therapy and counselling at the centre in July 2021 online and since the regular sessions have helped me become focused, less stressed and more productivity. I recommend everyone to take art therapy.

Why Choose Us?

We Offer Personalised Solutions For Clients

Ensuring people who come to our centre have good mental well-being and can live a happy life are our prime goals. Other reasons why you should choose us are mentioned as follows.

Digital Sessions

Due to COVID-19 persisting and other reasons, many people cannot visit our centre. Thus, we offer online art therapy and counselling in Perth, WA.

Free 20 Minute Session

You get a free 20 minutes counselling session with Dr Westonto receive an introduction and get answers to your queries.

Qualified Therapists

Dr Despina Weston is a certified art therapist with over 20 years of experience. Like here, our centre has some of the best and qualified medical professionals and counsellors on Perth,WA.